The Difference Between a real estate Broker and an Advisor

We are frequently asked what makes Atlas Real Estate Advisors different than a “normal” real estate brokerage. In one sentence, the answer is that we offer services outside the scope of buyer/seller representation in a real estate sales transaction.  

Good advice is hard to come by for investors with complex real estate questions, but traditional real estate brokers get paid a commission as a percentage of the sales price only if a buy/sale transaction takes place; but, who helps when you need professional assistance with appealing a property tax assessment, selecting a site for your new business, preparing a development/project proforma, negotiating financing terms with a lender, restructuring a portfolio to maximize return, etc?  These are just a few examples where Atlas fills this void by offering professional consulting services on a fee-basis, in addition to traditional brokerage.  

With over 50 years of combined experience in every product class, Atlas seeks to identify and understand a client’s goals and objectives. From there, we develop formalized and disciplined strategy to achieve those goals. We use our experience, skills, relationships, and knowledge to creating value far beyond what is achievable absent Atlas involvement in the operation, development, or transaction of real estate. Our principals bring the experience of institutional discipline and entrepreneurial thinking together to provide solutions that other traditional brokerages do not offer.