Atlas’ goal is the maximization of value in its clients’ properties, creating value far beyond what is achievable absent Atlas’ involvement in the operation, development, or transaction of real estate.

Our principals have served large national institutional clients as well as regional and individual investors.  Atlas is equipped to perform for any size entity or market, but its true strength lies in its ability to provide cost-effective on-going investment and asset management for owners whose scope and scale prevent them from staffing a full-time real estate department.  Atlas has a broad reach into all markets across the region, regardless of size.

Through this organized focus, Atlas creates efficiency and effectiveness in its clients’ real estate.   Atlas’ portfolio approach to even the smallest portfolios helps owners avoid myopic or property-specific focus on their ownership.  The provision of this level of management was formerly limited to large institutions or pension funds. Atlas brings this discipline and value to the smaller investor.

Atlas’ principals bring the experience of institutional discipline and entrepreneurial thinking together to create real estate owner and user strategies regardless of the point in the cycle. Their work frees time resources for its clients and adds value to its clients’ investments.

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